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01 June 2017 @ 10:22 pm
Forgot something a smidge important in the earlier poll, and turns out you can't post two polls in one entry (wtf, LJ). So here's a second poll to gauge how many people we might have participating this summer.

I am interested in participating as a ...

Fic writer
Artist (drawn art, digital, or manips)
Artist (graphics - icons, phone lockscreens, etc)
Something else (explain in comments)
I am undecided
I cannot participate, but I'll cheer everyone on!
It's June! Let's get this party started! Or at least, let's get the party planning started.

(Which obviously needs an Elizabeth icon.)

When we discussed what to do for our 50th round, having some sort of fanworks exchange was the most popular, so that's what we'll do! I'm thinking that will take up most of the summer; after that we'll go back to regular prompting rounds.

The things that need to be determined are:
- Should we run it through AO3 or by hand-matching and posting in the community and/or our preferred choice of location? Because this fest is going to be small, I am leaning towards the latter one. An AO3 fest would be easier for me to mod, however.
- What dates? I am thinking signups should begin in a week or so; the question is how long should it run for.
- What kinds of fanworks should we allow?

My general plan for this, unless there are objections, is to have participants supply a few prompts (something like 3-6; you can choose prompts you've posted in the comm already, supply new ones, or a combination of both). We'd need some sort of plan for if your recipient couldn't deal with any of the prompts you gave them - maybe supply some general wants and do-not-wants in case none of the prompts work? But mostly I think it should be prompt-based.

I think the requirements for this one should be pretty small - 500 words for a fic, 1 finished piece of art of any size, 1 minute of vid perhaps (if we have vids). I'm honestly not expecting a lot of signups, probably less than 10, and the fact that they'd all be gen would make matching easier.

Anyway, how about a poll?

How should we run the exchange?

On AO3, using AO3 matching
Hand-matched, posted wherever you prefer, linked from the community
Other? (explain in comments)

What types of fanworks should we allow?

Art/graphics (see 2nd art question below)
Other? (suggest in comments)

Should we divide the art into graphics (e.g. icons/wallpapers) and drawn art/manips, in the understanding you might receive either if you request this?

No, keep them together, as "art"
Yes, separate them, so people would have to offer/request separately
Not sure/no preference

Assuming that assignments go out by June 15-20, which of these due dates work for you?

July 31
August 15
August 31
Sept. 15

If you have any other questions/suggestions, ask in the comments!
Well, as you can tell by the fact that it's now May 7, life fell on my head and I'm definitely not going to be running any sort of fanworks exchange THIS month. So the Lightning Round will stay open for another month. There are lots of great prompts and fills already - feel free to go and leave some more!
07 May 2017 @ 01:13 pm
Round 33 has been hit hard by an anonymous spammer. I've been in to clear out all the suspicious comments, but if anyone knows of other rounds that have been hit too, let me or sholio know. Thanks.
The poll leaned heavily towards keeping the community at LJ with a backup/mirror at DW. Since people could pick multiple options, there were some votes for moving entirely to DW, but no one who voted *exclusively* for that option, and no one who felt so strongly that they would refuse to participate at either platform. (I realize the voting is skewed since the vote itself is happening on LJ, but, well, those ARE the people who mainly use the comm, so ...)

Therefore, what we'll do for now is keep the main comm on LJ while backing it up regularly to DW, just in case. I'll do that once the DW import queue stops being massively backed up (probably in a few weeks when things die down).

At this point I'm not planning to run all comment rounds at both places, just because I know myself well enough to know that I would NEVER be able to remember to update it properly, plus it would spread out the prompts between two different posts and possibly get confusing and/or give people fewer options instead of more. However, I think I'll try mirroring a future round just to experiment and see how it goes -- if it actually turns out to work well and get more people playing, then we might make it a regular thing.

Anyway, the new DW comm will not be up and running for awhile yet (I'll let you know) and even when it is, things will continue to go on with few/no noticeable changes around here.

For Round 50, a number of people chimed in to support the idea of an exchange, so right now that's what I'm planning to do! It will probably be run through AO3 and will be open to everyone, not just members of the community, unless there are objections to either of those things. It'll still be gen-only, however. More information and posts to determine the exact dates will be put up later this month. :)

And don't forget the lightning round is still going on! Check out the prompts and fills, and feel free to leave new ones!
As many of you have probably seen, a number of fandom people have been leaving LJ recently. Several of the communities I follow have been backed up to Dreamwidth, or have relocated to DW, Tumblr, or some other place.

So my question is, how do you want us to handle this community, going forward? Do you have a preference? I'm good with whatever the community decides.

How should Collarcorner be handled in the future? (Check all the options you like.)

Stay on LJ and keep going just as we have been.
Back up to DW just in case, but otherwise keep the main comm on LJ.
Mirror at DW and have new prompt and fill posts in both places.
Keep this comm for its archives but have all new posts on DW.
Another option not listed here (see comments).

If you got your preference, would you rather have the comm on LJ or DW?

No preference

Do you have very strong feelings AGAINST either of these sites, to the point where you may abandon the comm rather than visit that site?

Other answer (see comments)

The questions might seem a little redundant, but I'm trying to get a feel for whether people have a strong preference for one site over the other, and whether we might lose a significant number of members depending on what we choose to do. (We're small enough right now that we can't really afford to lose a lot of people and keep going.)

If you don't have an LJ account, you can comment with your preferences instead. Feel free to expand on your answers in the comments as well!
01 April 2017 @ 12:32 pm
We did this last year and it went over well, so let's do it again!

This is a "lightning" round for quick prompts and quick fills (though you can of course spend as much time on a fill as you like; there's no upper limit). Instead of our usual prompt format, leave a one-line prompt with a character or characters (you can also use "any" as a character, either by itself or in combination with someone else) and a brief prompt which can be anything you like - a story/scene idea, an object, a phrase or song lyric, or anything else that might spark an idea in someone.

For example:
Mozzie & Elizabeth, little green apples
Neal & any, the annual White Collar secret santa gift exchange

One prompt per comment, the usual gen rules apply (canon pairings in the background are fine; no sexual content), art and other non-fic fills are welcomed (e.g. vids, crafts, etc), and fic fills can be as short as a paragraph.

Ready, set ... GO! :D
01 April 2017 @ 12:11 pm
I'll open the new round in a minute, but I also wanted to put up a brainstorming post for the 50th round coming up next month. This community was started by kriadydragon in 2010 to encourage more genfic in the fandom. It'll celebrate its 7th birthday this year, and still has a lot of active interest, even two and a half years after the show went off the air!

And #50 is a big milestone, so I feel like we should do something special for the 50th round, but I can't think of something sufficiently different from what we've already done. Some sort of recs fest, maybe? A gift exchange? Let me know what you'd like to see. :D
01 April 2017 @ 12:06 pm
Round 48 is now closed to new prompts, though still open, as always, to fills! New round coming up in a minute.
09 March 2017 @ 11:18 am
Ha, well, since I completely forgot to close the old round and post a new one, Round 48 (general prompts) will stay open for the rest of March, and then we'll do something new in April. I'm thinking April might be a good time to do a commentfic round (short prompts and fills - art, and art prompts, are welcome too!) because that one got a lot of participation the last time.
02 February 2017 @ 11:57 pm
In general prompting rounds, you may now repost one prompt from a previous round, as long as it wasn't posted in the last general round or the last themed round. There's no limit on the number of new prompts you can post.

Use this template when posting:

I Would Like:
I Don't Want:

All prompts and fills must be gen. Commentfic, longer fics, art, vids, etc. are all great. Fills may be posted anywhere as long as they're linked from here, and can be posted as new posts to the comm if you like. You can also use your fills to fill other challenges, bingos, etc. as long as their rules allow it.
02 February 2017 @ 11:50 pm
Thanks to everyone who weighed in with ideas and suggestions on the last post! I think I'm going to take sheenianni's suggestion to alternate general prompting months with themed months. You may repost prompts you've posted before, but only 1 per person per round, and only if you did not post it last month. We have tons of old unfilled prompts, so this will be a good way of giving some of those more exposure!

February's round will be a general round; I'll put that post up in a few minutes. Also, this is your notice that Round 47 is now closed to new prompts.

We still have some themes from past theme polls that we haven't used yet, plus I added a few more I thought of. Please check the boxes for the ones you like best (up to 3).

Which themes do you like best? Check up to three.

Duos (all prompts must involve two and only two characters)
First sentence (the prompt must be a sentence that will be the 1st sentence of the fill)
Heists, cons, and undercover
Magic/fantasy (e.g. transformation, wings, fantasy AUs, stage magicians, etc)

(For the "first sentence" one, you can totally do art fills for this too - use the sentence as the prompt for your art.)
18 January 2017 @ 12:21 am
So, uh, hi! I guess we better figure out what to do with this community in 2017!

For the last couple of years, the themed posts helped a lot with keeping up interest and generating new prompts and fills, but now that flurry of activity seems to be dying down. It's hard to keep coming up with a bunch of new prompts with no new canon to work off of.

What are your thoughts on some ways to keep the community going? Should we drop down to a new prompt post every other month? Should we allow prompt reposting in every round? (I'm inclined to think that this might be a good idea, because there have been a number of prompts that looked really great to me, that I didn't have a chance to write for at the time, and then I never seem to go back to old posts and check for them when I DO have time. However, I'd hate to have it end up creating a cycle of endless reposted prompts that no one ever fills!) So far, we've been doing very general themes (e.g. AU, h/c) but should we try some months when we have a fairly specific theme, like fan-flashworks does, and see how that does?

I'm basically opening it up to the floor. Tell me what you like about this community, what you would like to see in the future, and what would be most likely to keep you engaged and interested.
20 December 2016 @ 08:41 am
Title: Blue Christmas
Author: ashley5627
Fandom: White Collar
Pairing: none/gen (background Peter/El)
Characters: Neal, Peter, Elizabeth, Jones, Diana
Warnings: none
Spoilers: definite season 1 spoilers
Rating: PG-13
Genre: hurt/comfort, angst, friendship
Word Count: 12,000
Summary: Christmas was a time for happy get-togethers with loved ones, going out caroling with the neighbors and drinking too much egg nog. For his first Christmas out of prison, Neal only had plans for drinking.
Author's Notes: This was written for the 2016 whitecollarhc Advent Calendar. This is set in the first season even though Diana is in it. I didn't even think of it until it was too late, so just roll with it, okay?

Here's the story on AO3!
25 November 2016 @ 11:45 pm
And back to business as usual. :) This round will run 'til the end of December, and then we'll figure out our plans for 2017! Thank you to everyone for making the Fall Fest happen, and for keeping the community going with your enthusiasm, prompts and fills in 2016.

There is no specific theme this round, so you can leave any kind of prompt.

Use this template when posting:

I Would Like:
I Don't Want:

All prompts and fills must be gen. Commentfic, longer fics, art, vids, etc. are all great. Fills may be posted anywhere as long as they're linked from here, and can be posted as new posts to the comm if you like. You can also use your fills to fill other challenges, bingos, etc. as long as their rules allow it.
14 November 2016 @ 05:57 pm
I have unscreened all comments and revealed the AO3 collection! AO3 gift notifications should be going out shortly. It is perfectly fine to go ahead and add new treats at any time - the baskets are never closed to gifting! So you may want to track your gift basket post (click on the "track" option at the top of the post) so you will be notified of new comments in case someone gives you a late treat.

Enjoy your treats! Thank you to everyone for participating! And now I am going to run off to rummage in my own gift basket. :)
14 November 2016 @ 02:01 pm
I'm planning to unscreen baskets at about 5 p.m. Alaska time (9 p.m. Eastern time). So it's time to finish up your treats if you are still working on any! Send me a PM if you want to make a last-minute treat and would like to know which baskets are "neediest" -- though right now, all of them have at least 2 items, and most have more! I think you'll all be very happy. :)
10 November 2016 @ 11:57 pm
The treat baskets are filling up nicely! Every basket has at least 2 items and most have about 3-4. :)

I'm still planning to do reveals on Monday, Nov. 14, though it may be pushed back to Tuesday because it's possible I will be busy that day.

I'll post a message to the community a couple hours before I unscreen everything, so you can finish up any late treats. It's also perfectly fine to add a new treat to a baskets after the baskets are all unscreened (that is, they won't close once reveals happen, so you can go ahead and put in treats if you finish something late).

Thank you all for working so hard on this!
30 October 2016 @ 08:51 pm
I'm going to leave the treat basket signup post open through the end of October and then close it when I get up on Nov. 1, so there will be plenty of time for basket-filling. So now is the time to get your basket request in, if you don't have one and want one!

And please do fill a basket if you have a moment to put in a ficlet, picture, fic rec, or something else. Thank you so much to everyone who has put a gift in a basket; you're all superstars! :) Right now all of the baskets have at least one treat, so no one is going without, but more is always better. :) The AO3 collection is here. Baskets will be revealed on (approximately) Nov. 14.
22 October 2016 @ 02:12 am
To leave treats for veleda_k, comment to this post. All comments will be screened until on or around Nov. 14.

Requests by Veleda_kCollapse )