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01 May 2015 @ 12:03 pm
The May theme at Collar Corner is h/c. Interpret as broadly as you like (if you say it's h/c, that's good enough for me!). You may find the list of prompts at h/c bingo inspiring.

Use this template when posting:
I Would Like:
I Don't Want:

All prompts and fills must be gen. Commentfic, longer fics, art, vids, etc. are all great. Fills may be posted anywhere as long as they're linked from here, and can be posted as new posts to the comm if you like. You can also use your fills to fill other challenges as long as the rules allow it (h/c bingo, for example!).

Have fun, be good to each other, and happy prompting!
01 May 2015 @ 11:46 am
Happy May, everyone! Round 33 (Alternate Universes) is now closed to posting new prompts, though all prompts are still open to filling - fic, art, vids, etc. are all welcome. New prompt post coming up in a minute!
01 May 2015 @ 11:45 am
Belatedly posting this here, though I'm pretty sure most of you have already seen it!

Title: The Negotiator
Fandom: White Collar (AU)
Word Count: 3000
Rating: General
Characters: Peter, Neal
Summary: For this lovely prompt by sheenianni, asking for Neal as a police negotiator and Peter meeting him on a joint FBI-police op.
03 April 2015 @ 02:04 am
Title: Stranded
Fandom: White Collar
Characters/Pairings: Neal
Rating: PG
Content Notice: just a tiny bit of blood
Dimensions/Resolution: 1200x675px @72dpi
Stock used: spaceship, boxes, planets, space desert

Summary: Neal's survival skills are tested when his space cruiser crashes on a deserted planet. Can he last long enough for Peter to find him?

A/N: Ha! A fill for leesa_perrie's wonderful prompt - White Collar in space AU :D I'm pretty sure a fic could give it a lot more justice but as far as artwork capabilities go - this is it :D

Poor Neal (as usual)Collapse )
01 April 2015 @ 11:35 am
It looks like we have a winner for our theme poll, so April's theme is Alternate Universes!

(Since it was so close, we'll do h/c in May, and then have another theme poll for June and beyond.)

Anyway - AU! These can be "what if"/turn-left-at-canon prompts for our canon universe (what if Neal decided to tell Peter about the treasure in 3x01? what if the series ended differently?) or total AUs (the one in which they're celebrity chefs!). Silly, serious, sweet, or sad ... let your imagination run wild.

Use this template when posting:
I Would Like:
I Don't Want:

Since it's been awhile since we've had a new round, here are some rule reminders:
All prompts (and prompt fills) must be gen. As noted in the rules, for purposes of this comm, background canon pairings are okay, but stories should not focus on a pairing or include non-canon pairings. (We realize there are many different ways of defining "gen". This is the definition we use here.)
• Short commentfic and non-fic prompt fills (e.g. art, vids, etc) are welcome, as are art or picture prompts.
• There's no need to claim a prompt, and more than one person may fill the same prompt.

There is also a change to the rules:
You may post your completed fills as new entries to the comm. In fact, you are encouraged to do so! (See, for example, fan-flashworks as an example of a community where people do this.) You can still post your fic (or art or other type of fill) wherever you like, on AO3 or your journal or as a commentfic. If you do post it elsewhere, even if you are crossposting an announcement here, please also reply to the prompt you're filling so the person who left the prompt knows you made them something!

Feel free to ask if you have any questions!
Okay, it looks like "themed" rounds won the last poll, by a very slight margin. So here is a new poll to determine our upcoming theme. I know there was a theme poll in the original post, but people added a few in the comments, so this poll is more comprehensive.

I'm still including "general" (i.e. unthemed) as an option, since it was VERY close in the original poll. Whatever gets the most votes will go first. If it's a tie, I'll just pick one randomly. You'll have a week to vote, and we can start a new round in April. :)

This poll is closed.

Which theme should we have for our next round? Select as many as you want.

General (no theme)
Season One
Domesticity/quiet times at home

If you don't have an LJ account, vote in the comments and your vote will be counted with the rest.
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The poll regarding a new round is still going on if you missed it; you can still vote.

As things currently stand, it looks like there definitely IS enough interest to justify opening a new round (or rounds). Right now, the poll results are leaning towards having a general round rather than doing themed rounds, although that could change if more people vote for themed rounds. And people did have a lot of nifty suggestions for possible themes. :D Personally I like the idea of doing themed rounds because it seems like it would be good for idea generation - get people brainstorming for prompts related to the theme - but not if it goes against what the majority of the people in the community want. If "no theme" DOES end up winning the poll, we could do a general round first, and then if that gets a good response, have some themed rounds afterwards? Thoughts?

One suggestion from the comments to the previous post that interested me was this:

Maybe you could have the option that the fills could be posted as a new entry to the comm? To be honest - I always forget about the comm because it just shows up once on my f-list and then "disappears" and then I forget to check it.

We never used to do this, but now that the community (and the fandom) has gotten so much smaller, it actually seems like a good idea to me! It would keep drawing attention back to the comm and reminding people to check the prompts post. Flashfic communities, like the old sga_flashfic, do this as a matter of course. So do the bingo comms, like hc_bingo. You wouldn't HAVE to, but I like the idea of having it available as an option. What do you guys think? Would it be too cluttery, or would it be useful?
Our last prompt post went up about a year ago, but someone asked on that post if there is interest in having another round, so I figured I would throw the question out to the community and find out. :)

The problem, mainly, is that the mods have wandered off into other fandoms, but there were lots of prompts posted at the last prompt call (most of them still unanswered), so there are definitely people hanging around the comm still!

So the question is, should there be another round(s), and if so, should it be themed in some way? It was suggested that perhaps we might do "reunions" or "good old times" (i.e. early seasons). At one point, back when the comm was more active, we had a series of rounds that were focused on specific seasons -- season one, season two, etc -- and those seemed to be a big hit. We could do that again.

So, a poll:

This poll is closed.

Should we have another round?

Not sure

Should we have a general round (open to any kind of prompts), or one or more themed rounds?

Not sure

If we have themed rounds, which of these do you think we should do? Select as many as you like.

Reunion (i.e. get everyone back together after season 6)
ONE round devoted to all early seasons (probably season 1-3 or 1-4)
INDIVIDUAL rounds for each season (season 1, then season 2, etc)
Hurt/comfort (a month for all h/c prompts)
I have more ideas! (suggest in comments)

Edited to add: I just realized that people without LJ accounts can't vote in polls, and I know several people in the comm participate anonymously. If you can't vote in the poll, please give your answers in the comments; they will be given full weight there! :)

And feel free to elaborate upon any of your answers in the comments, or discuss it there, share your opinions/concerns, etc. I think my biggest concern, now that the fandom (and especially the gen part of the fandom) has gotten so much smaller, is not that we wouldn't have people to post prompts, but a lack of people to write fills. There is ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with posting prompts if you don't fill prompts (actually, one thing I love about prompt communities like this one is that it gives people who aren't writers or artists a way they can contribute to making fanworks; as a writer, I love having a bunch of prompts to choose from, and I would never make any sort of rule about needing to answer prompts in order to post them). But I would also hate to see a bunch of good prompts posted if no one is writing them.

... it's also worth mentioning that fills don't have to be complete stories. They can be short commentfic as well.

Anyway, guys, let me know what you think. Kriady's still the main mod, but as a sub-mod I'm more than happy to put up a new prompt post, or series of posts, if there is still enough interest in having them.
11 April 2014 @ 06:25 pm
Since this post is going up late, it will probably stay up for more than just April. Don't forget there are still lots of unanswered prompts in the last round and previous ones, and old prompts are always available for filling.

As usual, post with a prompt using the following format. Remember that prompts can be anything: pictures, screencaps, song lyrics, plot ideas, etc. All prompts should be gen. Feel free to ask a mod (via PM or in a comment) if you have questions.

I Would Like:
I Don't Want:

Writers, pick a prompt and write.
11 April 2014 @ 06:24 pm
Round 31 is now closed to new prompts, but still open to answering prompts. A new prompt post will be up in a minute!