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Looking to hand off to another mod

Hi, all! I'd like to sincerely apologize for vanishing entirely. I honestly haven't even checked this community (or LJ) this year at all. And I'm really sorry about that. Thanks to those who have stepped up to post things in the meantime. :)

I think it's time for me to admit that I'm not likely to be active again in this fandom in the near future, and I'm doing very little on LJ these days in general. So I need to hand this community off to another mod, if anyone would like to take it.

Right now there are a few people with maintainer/mod privileges. If you already have mod status and would like to take over, I'm fine with that. If you want to be given mod status, leave a comment and I'll happily add you.

I could run one last prompting round if people would like that and if no one has any immediate plans to step in and do something with the comm - perhaps open a new round that'll run 'til the end of the year, then let people do whatever they want to do with the community after that? How does that sound?

Nothing will be deleted and I plan to keep my community membership, so I'll still be handy if anyone needs me!

And thank you for making this place great with all your enthusiasm. :)

Fic: A Summer in Prague

Title: A Summer in Prague
Author: sheenianni
Neal Caffrey, Peter Burke, Elizabeth Burke, Mozzie
Word Count: 800
Rating: PG
Summary: It’s year 2002 when Peter and Neal meet again, and it’s under circumstances that neither of them imagined... Pre-series AU.

This is a remix, a missing scene or whatever you call it of my earlier story/art thing called Chasing Bonds. You might want to read that after finishing this one.
Written for the collarcorner exchange for polleekin.

A/N: First of all I need to apologize for taking so long with this story. Full disclosure – there was a completely different fic which kept growing, and eventually it became clear it would never work without being significantly better fleshed out. As it is, I’m currently contemplating turning that concept into a full-blown original novel – if I ever get to writing it. So I decided to let that be for the moment and write this story instead.

Here be story: at Livejournal | at Dreamwidth.

Stories that were posted for the Gen exchange - updated!

Ok, so I know we are still a couple of stories short, but I would like to recap what we received and when the other stories emerge I will add them.

Walk in the park by dennih23
for cookielaura

Till we get the healing done by cookielaura for NYWCgirl

Neal and Mozzie wallpapers by leesa_perrie for treonb

My grandfather´s clock by pipilj for dennih23

Birthday surprise by treonb for pipilj

Not a clean getaway by nywcgirl for sheenianni

A summer in Prague by sheenianni for polleekin

For those of you, who haven´t posted yet, please make an effort to do so.
Neal Peter badges

Fic: Till We Get the Healing Done

Title: Till We Get the Healing Done
Author: cookielaura
Characters/Pairings: Neal, Peter, El, Satchmo, gen
Wordcount: 3455
Rating: G
Contains: indentured servitude (it's, like, really mild), h/c, slight angst, slight fluff
Summary: Set in an AU where criminals spend their sentences as indentured servants. After Peter first catches Neal, Neal is sentenced to four years as a house-servant at the Burkes’. Soon after the sentence begins, Neal gets the flu, and does his best to keep it a secret from Peter and El.
Notes: Written for nywcgirl for the collarcorner exchange. Hope you like it! :D Title via Van Morrison.

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