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01 September 2011 @ 02:37 pm
Comment-A-Thon Round 10 - Flashfic Challenge, the Sequel  
For those who recall the last flashfic challenge, this is pretty much the same but with a brand new prompt!

Readers, you can either make a request like normal or make a request based on the flashfic prompt.

I would Like:
I Don't Want:

Writers, you can answer a request or go straight for the goal and answer the prompt directly.

The Prompt: "Did not see that coming."

Please don't forget to review the rules, especially if you're new to the community.

Also, to those taking part in the fic exchange (and if you haven't already) please take the time to fill out the following poll found here.
ultracapeultracape on September 6th, 2011 08:58 pm (UTC)
When breaking into the Burke's vault Neal see's something he should not have seen
Prompt/Request: As Neal is putting the manifest back and moving documents to look like it was not touched he sees a picture of a much younger, excited and overwhelmingly nervous but happy Peter holding what looks like a newborn, and a woman, not Elizabeth, smiling, hugging him from behind. Other documents attached to the picture indicated that this woman was Peter's wife and that the child was theirs. Neal, being Neal decides he needs to investigate. As he does, he finds that wife was a witness to a crime when the child was two years old which was somehow connected to one of Peter's investigations. They had to go into witness protection but wife blamed Peter for disrupting her life and so she divorced him and took the child and because of the situation, Peter may never see or communicate with his child. Neal begins to understand his own feelings towards Peter and Peter's feelings towards him. However, because of the way he's discovered it, having that information could threaten whatever shreds of friendship he's been able to salvage after the Elizabeth kidnapping.

Characters: Neal, Peter, anyone else who is needed

I Would Like: It seems feasible to me that Peter is old enough to have been married before he met Elizabeth and to have had a child. Not ever being able to see his child is a source of great pain for Peter. There can be "having children" issues, but that's up to the writer. Peter, if he finds out, is more angry about the break-in than he is about the discovery of the information but he become plagued with trust issues. Is the knowledge safe with Neal? Can Neal be trusted with knowledge that, in the wrong hands, could not only destroy Peter's life but endanger the life of his only child?

I don't want: I don't want crack. I don't want Neal to be Peter's son. I don't want Elizabeth to be bothered by Peter's past but she feels his pain over the situation.

Edited at 2011-09-08 09:13 pm (UTC)