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Comment-A-Thon Round 5 - Screencap Challenge

I am now opening the comm to using screen caps as prompts. Any screen cap or link to a screen cap from any show can be used as a prompt as long as it contains any of the actors/actresses from White Collar and is work safe and gen (i.e. no screen caps of sex scenes, complete nudity, or gore). White Collar screen caps also welcome, of course ;)

For example...


Characters: etc.
I would Like: etc.
I Don't Want: etc.


Prompt: *insert link to image here*
I would like:
I don't want:

And feel free to use the above picture if you want ;)

Writers, as usual, answer the prompts by commenting with a story or link to a story.

Please remember that this is the screen cap challenge, not the art challenge.

Also as usual, please review the rules found here. And please respect the requests, specifically the "do not wants." If you're unsure whether or not your story idea might be crossing a line in the "do not want" department, or you need a little more clarity on what, exactly, the request is asking for, then don't hesitate to ask the person whose request you are answering, either directly or, if you want, via private message.
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