Sholio (sholio) wrote in collarcorner,

Comment-A-Thon Round 49: Lightning Round

We did this last year and it went over well, so let's do it again!

This is a "lightning" round for quick prompts and quick fills (though you can of course spend as much time on a fill as you like; there's no upper limit). Instead of our usual prompt format, leave a one-line prompt with a character or characters (you can also use "any" as a character, either by itself or in combination with someone else) and a brief prompt which can be anything you like - a story/scene idea, an object, a phrase or song lyric, or anything else that might spark an idea in someone.

For example:
Mozzie & Elizabeth, little green apples
Neal & any, the annual White Collar secret santa gift exchange

One prompt per comment, the usual gen rules apply (canon pairings in the background are fine; no sexual content), art and other non-fic fills are welcomed (e.g. vids, crafts, etc), and fic fills can be as short as a paragraph.

Ready, set ... GO! :D
Tags: lightning round, round forty-nine
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