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Mod Post

Your modly mod speaking. Just a quick reminder and an alert. First of all, the alert - I've just now tacked on a few additions to the rules, specifically concerning character bashing. You all have been awesome in the non-character bashing department - not a single character-bashing request or story thus far and counting. but for clarity and to keep ar no-character-bashing record, I've added the following:

Not Permitted

character bashing - both in the story and in your request. Please have respect not only for the characters but those who like the characters. Though you are completely free to request that a certain character not be included in the story, there is no reason to state why you don't want them included (ex. Because they suck! or, Because I don't like them, etc).

Also, a quick reminder of how gen is defined for this comm:

For the sake of clarity, gen will be defined as a story that does not - I emphasize does not - focus on a romantic pairing and contains no scenes of graphic sex. Canon pairings are permitted as long as, again, they are not the focus of the story.


A story that happens to include Peter kissing/hugging/saying I love you to his wife - permitted

A story that includes Diana talking about her girlfriend - permitted

A story about Peter/Elizabeth or Diana/Christie going on a date then the story ending on a sex scene - not permitted.

So there's no need to state in your "Do Not Want" no slash or no het. It's a given.

Finally, as always, don't forget to give the rules a run through every so often, especially if you're new to the comm.

ETA: If you have any concerns or issues that you would like to discuss privately please feel free to send me a private message. For those who may be unfamiliar with how to PM someone, just move your cursor over the person's icon you want to PM and a little info box will appear. You then just click on "Send message."
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