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The Collar Corner

Gen comment ficathon

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comment ficathon for the tv show White Collar

Welcome! to the collar corner


Welcome to The Collar Corner, your home for all-gen comment fiction. 

For the sake of clarity, gen will be defined as a story that does not - I emphasize does not - focus 
on a romantic pairing and contains no scenes of graphic sex. Canon pairings are permitted as long as, 
again, they are not the focus of the story.

  • A story that happens to include Peter kissing/hugging/saying I love you to his wife - permitted
  • A story that includes Diana talking about her girlfriend - permitted
  • A story about Peter/Elizabeth or Diana/Christie going on a date then the story ending on a sex scene - not permitted.


Each comment-a-thon will start off once a month with a welcome post and a reminder of the rules. Then...

1. Readers - comment with a request using the following format.

Prompt/Request: Characters: I would Like: I Don't Want:
Prompts/requests can be as long or short as you want but remember, the more details you give the harder it may be for an author to answer that request. 2. Writers (and readers who also write) - comment with a story. Be sure to put a title and/or rating in the response header. Also, please warn for anything you feel needs warned for before you start your story. For example, if your story contains violence, abuse, mentions of rape/molestation, or anything you feel runs the risk of squicking others. There is no limit to how many requests you can make or requests you wish to answer. All we ask is that you make sure your request wasn't already made and answered (but if your request is more specific, that's fine. For example: someone has already asked for a slave!Neal story but you want a slave!Neal story that takes place in, oh, let's say Roman times or something. That's perfectly fine.) When answering a prompt in an older round, please go to the Master List post and comment that you have answered a prompt and which round it's in. Ex. I have answered a prompt in round two. This will help me in keeping the list updated. The Master List can be easily reached by clicking on "Story master list" in the tags or by clicking the link to the list that will be provided in the "end of round" posts. Anonymous requests and responses are permitted. If you don't feel comfortable making or answering a request using your user name, then feel free to post anonymously. Also permitted:
  • Alternate Universe/ending Stories
  • fan art
  • crossovers/fusions (as long as the story leans more toward White Collar and not the show it is being crossed over with)
Not permitted:
  • real people fiction
  • character bashing - both in the story and in your request. Please have respect not only for the characters but those who like the characters. Though you are completely free to request that a certain character not be included in the story, there is no reason to state why you don't want them included (ex. Because they suck! or, Because I don't like them, etc).
  • slash/het focused stories (this includes pre-slash/pre-het and het/slash subtext)
  • sex scenes
  • adult discipline/spanking
  • stories written in script format
Requests or stories that include any of the above will be deleted. If you have any questions, there will be a post tagged questions. Just click on the tag and ask away.


The group is moderated, but membership is open. Please free to join whether you're here to lurk, prompt, or 

Our Delicious Bookmarks Archive can be found, HERE.

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